How to Use the AVVA Nevada Association Portal

SHOP.COM is a fabulous way for AVVA, it's State Associations, and it's Chapters to raise funds without spending a dime.  I know how that sounds!  But, I have seen it work.

Using this portal for any shopping that you can, will raise money both for AVVA National and for AVVA Nevada Association. You can do it for your chapter as well!  Anyone who shops online these days can make it pay cash back just like many of our credit cards do.

With every purchase you make, AVVA Nevada and AVVA National will both be credited with points toward donations.  And, even better you will get anywhere from 1% to 35% cash back for yourself.  You can get even more cash back if you refer your friends and relatives who shop online, because you will get a percentage of their purchases as well, without affecting THEIR cash back awards!  And, NO, you do not pay more for things because of this.  This is all due to the significant money that retailers save, by encouraging people to shop online, instead of in retail stores.

There are so many ways to make work for you.  There are numerous stores where we already shop, such as Walmart, Sears, Kohls, Best Buy, Home Depot, Office Depot, and many more, that you can go to through this portal and make money for yourself, via cash back rewards.  You are actually shopping in that store's own web site, so all of the security and sales that they would usually have are still there. 

This page will give you detailed instructions so that you can sign in to the AVVA Nevada Association portal and use it effortlessly to do all of your online shopping.  I tend to do a lot of my Christmas or Holiday shopping online when I know what I am looking for, such as the IPOD my grandson wanted last year (ok yes, he is spoiled rotten   ).  For the most part, you can find free shipping and in many cases even sales tax relief when you shop online, and you do not have to go to store after store, finding that they are sold out, wasting your time and precious gas on finding what you want. I do this throughout the year when I know what I want.  It saves me time and money to do it.  And, now, I can also make money for myself and for AVVA doing it!

Think about this scenario.  I want to remodel my bathroom, and of course, I want to select finishes and colors personally, so that I can see what everything really looks like.  I can go to Lowes and Home Depot, etc, and find just what I want.  This is what I did for my new sinks I wanted for my bathroom.  Then, those things that you can order online, you can go through to the Lowes or Home Depot sites and order.  Generally with free shipping, and it will come right to your house, without worrying if it will fit in your car, or how you will carry it!.


go to  (this will open in a new window so that you can still refer to these steps)   and this is what you will see:

In the top line, above the green $ sign you will see " Sign In | My Account | My Trends | Help ".   To register and set up your account (this is a one-time registration) click on "Sign In".  you will now see the sign in, and registration page:

If you are a new user, enter the email address you want to associate with this web site, click on "no" if it is not already selected, then click on
the blue "Sign In > " link:

Fill in the information for your account. Check if you want to receive discounts and specials, and check to accept the terms of service.  Now, click on the blue link " create an account > ".  You should now see your new account information, and you should now be signed in  under your new account!

You will be able to use the site now, through the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, Nevada Association.  Bookmark the page, and it will be way too easy to use in the future.  Especially if you want to compare prices or makes and models of things.

Try some things.  Go to the link in the dark blue bar called "STORES" and click on it.  This will allow you to search for any specific store you might want to shop in.  Let's say you want TeleFlora to send flowers to someone.  Go to the "T" in the store listing alphabet line, then scroll down to find Teleflora.  Click on their link, and there you are! You will then see a listing of any specials they may have, and it will tell you what your cash back amount will be.  For Teleflora, it is 2% on all purchases. 

You can also do a search for a specific sort of item.  For example, you are looking for a cable knit sweater.  In the search bar, next to "All Departments", type in "cable knit sweater" and click on FIND.  Now you will see a listing of all the cable knit sweaters at the different stores who associate with the site.  You can narrow your search to style, color, prices, etc.  You can change the sort by price, etc.  If you see one you want to look at simply click on it. The portal will now take you to the store's web site, where you are used to shopping!

Some stores will use the " OneCart Store" shopping cart.  When you see this, you can shop at multiple stores all from the same shopping cart, instead of making several individual purchases.  Those who do not use this cart, you simply make your purchase at that store, then move on to another store. has it's own products as well, such as the Market America products, that will give you many choices you did not even know you had.  Also there is an afiliate called that carries many many household items and grocery items that you can stock up on with free shipping, that saves you a few trips to various stores through the year, and will save you time and money.

 We hope you will give this shopping experience a try.  When you shop smart, you can benefit both yourself and your favorite organization by just doing what you would normally do.  Don't forget to refer your friends, and have them give your email address in the "referred by" space when they register, to make extra cash back!

If you have any questions contact me at, and we will get you your answers.  Happy Shopping!

Cash back rewards can sometimes take a couple of days to show up in your account.

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