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Gifts From Their Hearts

I am Proud to display these awards, given to me from the hearts of so many, for my various pages in my web sites.  I am honored and humbled, and will work to be sure I continue to deserve such praise.  Please click on the links provided, to visit their pages.

This is my most recent award.  It was issued to me by
Ken Whitewolf.  I am proud to accept this,
in honor of all Veterans, and of all POW/MIA's, and in honor
of my husband, former Marine, killed by the Veterans Administration!

This was a wonderful surprise!  I accept in the name of my
POW/MIA's, and I thank you "Sarg" for this honor!  Awarded
this 18th day of December, 1999 by The Camel Stop POW/MIA.

I am touched beyond words.  Thank you Liz, my friend and
"comrade at arms", so to speak.  I am proud to know you
and your husband, Gerry.  Presented this 2nd day of August, 1998.
There are no words to express my pride in this award.

"The Spirit of The Brotherhood Award"

I am told that I am the first recipient of this award

presented to me  April 20, 1998 ~

I am more honored than I can say.  For many reasons, 

This is my most cherished of them all.  

I pray for their continued efforts on behalf of the POW/MIAs.

This award was presented to me by POW/MIA Activist,
Dave Murray, on July 10, 1998.  I am honored beyond words!
Thank you David, for the fight you fight.....Lets bring them home!

This award was presented to my sites on August 31, 1998.
When I designed this for Gerry, it never occurred to me that he
would present it to me, as I know he is being very choosey about this.
I am truely honored to receive this, as it was awarded by
Gerry O'Dell,  a true Warrior.  I hope that I can continue to fight
a good enough fight, to be worthy of this great honor!

Thank you to my "spirit sister",   SpiritDuv,
for this beautiful and symbolic award,
presented May 7, 1998.   You work as
hard as anyone, my sister!

There are no words to express my humble pride
at the receipt of this Web Design award,
issued November 7, 1998 by the webmaster of the
Arlington National Cemetery Web Site.  It is with
deep honor that I accept this.

Thank you Faith,  for this honor, received June 24, 1998

Thanks to  "Topper",  Steven G. Taylor, 1SG,
US Army (Retired),  for this honor.  You have humbled me.
Presented June 26, 1998

Thank you Sandy, for this dual honor., presented
November2, 1998.  Coming from one who works so
hard for our missing warriors, I deeply appreciate
these awards.  We will never forget ~~ nor
will we allow others to forget!

Thank you so much Mary, for this honor bestowed
by you for my POW Prayer Page.  I will work hard
to try to continue to deserve the honors
I have been paid!  Presented March 1, 1999

This was a wonderful surprise, and I will treasure the
receiving of it.  Thank you Joe, for your acknowledgement
of my work, and of what I try to do.  Issued July 17, 2000.

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