Time is Running out!!!

Another Memorial Day has come and gone.  Many of us were able to meet in D.C. Realizing that Memorial Day is supposed to be for the purpose of honoring all of our warriors who have given their lives in all wars, and NOT wanting to detract from that purpose in any way,  I am still compelled to send this message.....

It was only the building of  the Vietnam Memorial Wall that brought to the forefront the plight of those who were left behind.  This gives the Vietnam Veteran Community, and those who actively support them, a grave  responsibility.

We must remember the POW/MIAs and we must make it our business to see to it that the rest of the world remembers them too.

The military code demanded of us that we do not EVER leave a fallen brother behind.   The fact that our government did not hold up its end of that bargain is not an excuse for us to become like them.

Photo taken at the 1998 Rolling Thunder XI

So, as this little girl recognizes the heart of a cause, please try to recognize it also and remember to honor those who still wait, along with our fallen brothers of all wars.  Perhaps we can all write just one letter to the President -- only one each.   Say for example today.... And try to remind him en-mass that we will never be silent until we can bring them ALL home!  I know what you are thinking.  "I am just one person, a nobody, no one will listen to me..."   But you are so wrong!!  All of us together are not just one little person.  All of us together are the OWNERS of this country!  The President's boss!!  We hold ALL the power as a unit!   Never let yourself forget that again.   Perhaps he will not be able to ignore so many letters on the same subject at the same time?

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Write to your representatives too!

We Should all remember that Memorial Day is ACTUALLY
on May 30th, no matter what the government does to change
things for their own convenience.   So remember to make that
day a special day of remembrance and solace too.  It's a private
promise from our own souls to the souls of our veterans.
It is a point of honor.

For myself,  I would like to make a special place of honor

for those reported missing on May 30....

Charles R. Duke

Daniel A. Gerber

David B. Hatcher

Frank C. Iodice

Tomohara Ishi

Kit T. Mark

James P. Mehl

Archie E. Mitchell

Albert J. Potter

Lewis P. Smith II

Elanor A. Vietti (civilian)

AND...Those reported missing on my birthday.....

Brian L. Bushnell

Ronald J. Fegan

Andrew A. Horchar

Larry C. Knight

Karl W. Lawson

Terrance M. Murphy

Charles B. Pfaffman

Ronald P. Schworer

We Asked too much...

We Gave nothing back.....

But We Will Never Forget!!!

Poor is the Nation who has no heros.....
Shameful the one who, having them, forgets!!!

(unknown author)

This page was originally created for Memorial Day, 1998.
I was asked to keep it up, so I made a gramatical
change or two, and here it stays.  

Thanks go to Karl  for the POW/MIA hourglass.  The graphics are my own.

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