I wrote this from my heart, and from the hearts of many ~ in the hopes
that somehow, now that so much time has passed, we can all see
with our souls.   It is time ~~~ we want you back.

There Is No Place...
(Another Kind of Vet...)

I sat on the sidelines of a terrible war,
Never quite able to DO anything .
Never quite able to see why ~
I wanted to DO something,
but I was not old enough
And only a girl!  
                  There was no place for me.
I watched as my friends, my brothers, my first love, went away ~
 I missed them ~
I would never see them again.
      There were nurses ~
 I admired them so!
 Because they could "DO"
      But I was not schooled enough.
I sat on the sidelines,
and watched a nation protest.
Disgusted at what I heard and saw ~
I tried to speak out ~
but no one would hear!
For I was not loud enough.  
                     There was no place for me.
So I put on a bracelet,
 with a name and a date ~
         and I prayed that he would know
     that it bore his name ~
       and that he would come home safe.
      It was all I could "DO"
     but it was not enough.
I sat on the sidelines,
and watched them come home ~
One by one ~ hurt, mistreated and alone!
I tried to say something ~
to welcome them ~
But I was invisible beside their pain.  
                     There was no place for me.
Others overshadowed me ~
with their cruel and hateful words.
I wanted to help ~
to tell them they were welcome ~
but their heads were hung,
and they passed by un-seeing ~ un-hearing.
Not knowing I was there.
For I was not persistent enough!
I sit on the sidelines of the aftermath,
and I watch the veterans
as they help each other ~
I wonder why they cannot see me still ~
Because I was not "there"?   
                   There is no place for me.
    They believe that the wounds
        they still try to heal
        are theirs and theirs alone ~
        they do not know that each of them
        carried my heart with them ~
        all those years ago.
        They do not know
        that my wounds are bleeding still.
I sit on the sidelines and watch them
as they heal ~ and help one another.
and wish that I were not invisible.  
I have no where to "be "
in my own past ~
my own history ~
Because I was not "there" ~
                     There is no place for me ...



By: Joanna McKenzie Henshaw   Copyright@1997-2014, All Rights Reserved 


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