Stare into these eyes - the eyes of one of nature's warriors~

and then read on.....


(A tribute to the Vietnam Veterans, and the Veterans of  our past)

In the eyes of a warrior we see strength, loyalty, honor ~ we see pain, horror, and loneliness.   When you  look into their eyes you see the stony strength of one who has the courage to take on the world so that we may choose.  You see the will that stands between fear and a belief that freedom is the most valuable gift that one can give to another.  And, you see the heart ~ with its granite-hard conviction that the soul cannot survive without honor.  Personal honor cannot be lost or thrown away.  It is embedded in the soul of the warrior beyond this earth ~ beyond eternity, and beyond his or her own ability to survive without it.

When you look into the eyes of a warrior, you also see the dead pool of pain.  It surrounds and envelopes the inner soul ~ it is a natural by-product of the prize,  freedom.  One cannot win this prize unless they are willing to endure the pain ~ for this is the price.  No one pays this price like the warrior.  The horror that is the cause of the pain but is also the means by which the warrior wins for us, the freedom and the life that we enjoy.  So oblivious are we to the price they pay.  The tears they shed [somewhere inside where we cannot see unless we  Look] for the brothers they were forced to leave behind, and for the loss ~ the never ending loss of war.  In their eyes one will see the deepest most internal ~ and most eternal loneliness we shall ever witness.  It comes from the deepest part within them, that part which suffers still, the battle.

If you look deep into the eyes of a warrior, you will see the collage of the human spirit.  If you cannot envy this ~ if you cannot love, respect and honor this, then you have no right to the freedom they so willingly won, and then simply gave to you.

Have we ever stopped to think what our world would be like if we had no warriors?  How would we have the right to determine for ourselves what we will do on a lazy Sunday afternoon?  How would we determine for ourselves what our children will learn and how they will be raised?  And the most important question of all ~~ how dare we forget these things are true?

Is there anything more precious to a nation than its warriors?  And does a nation without shame, ever dishonor itself by leaving even one warrior behind in the evil hands of the enemy?  And last, is there anything now, that we can do to make up just a little of the loss these warriors have suffered?  To repay, just a tiny fraction of the debt we owe them?   The answer is   YES.... America can bring the rest of its warriors home!  To rest in or walk upon the free earth that they provided....

do not think for one moment that this nation cannot do this...

for you see......WE are America....and WE decide!

Joanna McKenzie Henshaw, copyright ©1997-2014

To All Veterans:

"With all my heart I embrace you....

with all my soul I wrap you in

the protective shroud of my pride

in you and my gratitude for what

you have given me".


This page has existed for a while now, but at this time,

(December, 1998) I wish to dedicate this site to:

Roy Benavidez died at age 63 on Sunday, 29 November 1998.

He was an American Hero.  He was a true warrior, and so I dedicate this

page to him, and to all of his "brothers and sisters".

If you love your freedom, go thank a Veteran!

Thank you to Larry, "Wishmaker", for the medals and the sword!


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