Jack Allan Henshaw joined the US Marines in 1960.  He re-enlisted, and ended up in Vietnam in 1967, 1968, and a couple of months into 1969.  He had intended to make the Marines a career but the final wound he received in Vietnam was severe enough to have prevented that.

Jack worked at odd jobs, and worked for a while for the VA as a G5 clerk.  He actually left their employ more or less at their request because he could not deal with their methods.  He also became impaired by his PTSD to the degree that he could not work for long without having temper fits or problems focusing on a task.  Over the years, the VA did pretty much nothing to help him on that score, except give him anti-depressants that were too strong.  

Jack eventually decided that if veterans did not fight the VA no one would, so he basically dedicated himself to finding all of the information he could on legislation, VA rules and behaviors, and trying to help other Vets obtain necessary benefits.  

Jack was not perfect. He was often impeded by his own ghosts and his obsessive-compulsive behaviors (manifested from his PTSD), but he tried harder than anyone I know. He was often a fountain of information, which he flooded people with (sometimes to their chagrin), but always with the best intentions. Jack was active for two years in the local VFW and then recently for a time in the local VVA.

Jack had web sites for several years that held information and help for veterans.  He was always trying to get the word out to as many as he could.  They were kept up until 2009, when they had to be taken down out of necessity.

Jack helped Doug and Nia McArthur found the National Veterans Organization, and in 2000 he became an Accredited Service Officer for the NVOA.  It was something he was proud of, because this organization was for ALL veterans, not just a select group.  He helped other veterans file claims for benefits and shortly before he died he was to join his good friend Johnny Pancrazio at the local VVA to work together filing claims for local veterans. Due to the long drawn out "paper chase" with VVA National, Jack was never able to become accredited through that organization before his death.

Jack was a Marine....right down to his soul.  The old adage "once a marine, always a marine" was certainly true for him.  He signed his correspondence with the motto below, and so I will use it here as well....

Saepe Expertus, Semper Fidelis, Frates Aeterni......

       "Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever"

At the request of family and friends, his funeral service is memorialized here:

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