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No explaination needed.

(This one is to tell this "president" that we will not
let this government do it all over again!!)

This graphic was inspired by a request
from Janet, member of Marine Corps Families.
take a moment to visit their site.

 Slide show effect -

for black or dark backgrounds

This one has clear

backround, good for

bulleted lists and such


  A good all-purpose button


"go back" buttons


"next page" buttons

(Uncle Sam - beating down the veteran)
* This graphic was inspired by a request from
Dave at :  Veterans Forum.  Take a munute to vist.

The above graphic was requested
and inspired by Robin.  Please visit
her site.

~ More Graphics to come ~ Please visit again to see what is added ~

You may use these graphics, (this background included),
but you may not alter them, or credit yourself with their creation.
I ask you please to provide a link back to this page and
credit me for my work.  I would love to see your site,
so feel free to send me a link!  

Do you have an idea for a POW/MIA or Military Graphic
that you would like to see here?  If so, please Click Here
and tell me about it.  Perhaps I can get it together.  All ideas
presented and used will be credited to the person who
sends it, and the graphic will be sent back to you:

Please do not take graphics from any of my other pages,
unless you email me here   and ask me,  
as my other work is copyrighted and is not for
public use.

Thank you


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