This page is dedicated to my friend, Pat.  A former Air Force Captain and nurse in Vietnam, she has still to learn the contribution she has made, the lives she has saved and touched, and the difference she has made in the world. The only things she remembers are the things she thinks she did not do.  She and the others like her could not be God, though they wished at times that they could be.  It was those she saved that remember her. I hope that one day she will fully understand that the men she helped to save outweigh the ones that she could not, and that she is so very well loved. Pat, my "sissy", you are my hero.  You are everything that is good about America. My wish for you is that you will soon understand what you have given and what you are worth to me and to thousands of men who would never have come home without you and the women like you.  I love ya sis.

Throughout the history of our country there have been women who served this Nation. Most notably in recent decades, when their contributions were more visible.  But the service of women has only recently begun to be recognized for the value it has. Countless women have lost their lives in wars and conflicts while attempting to support our soldiers, transport troops, and save lives.

It is time that their honor, courage, and humanity, is recognized and that this nation begins to help them realize their value. It is time that we said "thank you ladies....and Welcome Home".

I wonder how many people really know about the women prisoners of war, in WWII? Some were civilian families of soldiers, some were Nuns, and some were military women. All of them suffered torture and starvation, and most of them survived through their own wit, strength of character, and tenacity.

They confounded the Japanese every day. The Japanese soldiers and officers could not believe that these "mere" women could have the strength and heart that these women had. In the end, these women beat their captors, because by the time they were forced to let them go, they had no choice but to respect these women.  Our own country did not recognize their sacrifice until many many years later.  And even then, they were not awarded the same status as their male counterparts.

Women trained as pilots in WWII and flew bombers and transport plans from factories to Air Bases so that men could be freed to be useful elsewhere. There were dangers, and several of these women died.  If not for them, many bombers would not have been available when needed.

During the Korean "conflict", in the years of 1949 through 1953, women served as nurses and support personnel by the thousands. A new concept called "MASH" units had become widely used and they were full of female personnel.

There are a number of incidents in which women risked their own lives and safety in order to save the lives of wounded soldiers. They literally threw their own bodies on top of the wounded, to save them from further harm, whenever the fighting came too close.  Often dying or being wounded themselves in the bargain. But they were never honored in the same way a man would have been. They call Korea the "Forgotten War" because our troops were virtually ignored upon their return home.  It was as though nothing had happened. But it did, and it happened to them.

During the years of the Vietnam war, women showed strength, courage and honor beyond even their own belief. There were women who rode the "huey's" with  the men to make wounded pick-ups in the field; women who risked their lives protecting wounded soldiers in the triage stations and field hospitals; women who had to kill or be killed.  It was a time that  2 generations will never forget. Nor should they, in some ways. No one had the homecoming that was afforded our men and women in WWII. In fact, they were mostly worse than unwelcome, and they have lived with the fallout ever since. Like their male counterparts, military women from this era have been suffering, when in fact they should have been able to be proud of their service to this country.

There are literally thousands of stories about the valor of our women in the military. Sadly, they are not as widely read as they should be. I hope that I can provide links to some of these stories of heroism, and also, links to things that may interest all of us.

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