A POW's Prayer..

Please hear me, Lord... 
It's the Dead of Night........

It is dark and cold,  the night surrounds me Like a blanket of hope.
As long as it is night, they will stay in their corner.
I lie here wondering ~ how long is it again?  I cling to the dream of my family ~

I see them in my mind.  It is another Independence Day at home.
When will my independence come?
I will NOT believe that they have forgotten me!!
I look in  the hole I have dug here, for the things that I hide from them. A little smile across my lips~  
in all this time they have never found my little stash!
I  pull out a little scrap of shredded red and white.  For me, it waves in the breeze of home!
It is my salvation ~ it tells me there
is hope.
There is a tiny piece of cloth, a remnant of the uniform worn with the pride only a soldier knows.
Ah, here is that little corner of the photo I once had! 
They think they destroyed it ~ It is my private joke on them.
For I can still see the face of my little boy.  But  ~~~ he must be almost a man by now...

I am not sure?

How long has it been again?
They could not have forgotten me, as they go from one day to the next without me.
I will not believe that!
If they have, I shall surely be swallowed up in the mists of this hell!
How long has it been again?
No ~~ they have not forgotten ~ how could they have?
Have they ?
My God?
Have they?

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By Joanna Mckenzie Henshaw   
copyright©1997 - 2014, all rights reserved

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