This is For Our Generation...

For those who believe they cannot go, and for those
who have already been ~


I was forced into creation,  
like many other babies born.
I had no will of my own ~ and was offered none.
My land was the land of my  'parents' ~~
those who governed me
were none that I would choose or want.
"What is it my God asks of me?
Why need I come to this cold and unforgiving place?"

    I was alone..... 
I cried out for someone to care for me ~
but none would come to me.  
My 'parents' did not want me, as is the case for many 'children' of this nation ~~
But, they were given no more choice than I ~~
And they resented me.
I began to feel that I was being asked to do
what no other could ~
what no other would ~
"Oh God, I am so young!  Will I ever understand
your request?"

I was alone.....

As I grew, I became envious of the others,  
each seemed to have
someone who would come to them ~ care for them,
and look upon them with love.
It seemed to me that all who should love me,
hated me!
Fiercely Proud ~ I gained a strong young frame;
upright and tall; waiting while others placed
marks ~~
strange unfamiliar marks ~~
upon me.
God, what is my purpose? Why must I
endure this loneliness!
Wait ~ I see now what you have asked of me!
Can I do this Lord? Without you?
For I am nothing ~~

And still I was alone.....

Now I am fully grown, I see that many
come to look ~ to stare,
to see what my 'parents' have made ~~
I try to stand proudly
so that some ~ perhaps one,
will look at me and be proud of what I have
grown to become.
There,  I see one ~~ just one ~
he leans upon me in the early morn ~ he weeps ~~
I cry out  "Why do you weep my son,
you are not alone!
For I am finally here for you!"

  Am I no longer alone?

This one ~ he has brought others!  Wait ~~
I see so many!
They all stare ~ some begin to cry ~~
some hang their heads.
I stand taller still, and proud of the task
my God has given to me!
 Why do they weep so?
And some feel such shame?  There!
there are others now!
I want them to see my pride ~~ to feel it.  
I stand straight, strong and fearless!
I stretch my soul, trying to envelope them ~~
for I have no arms with which to comfort....

I am NOT alone!

So many now ~ they come day and day again!  
I plead
"do not hate me so ~ do not harm me!  
Come, know me for who
I am ~~ as I know you.
Surely you must see I was destined
to come to you....
I will hold you with my heart!
Touch me, believe in me ~~
my heart was made from yours;
my soul belongs to all ~~
I am .......

The Wall ......"

By Joanna McKenzie Henshaw,   (Copyright @1997-2009. All rights reserved)

(Photo is scanned portion of lithograph from painting "Reflections",
the original of which is now owned by a private citizen somewhere
in North or South Carlina.
The man who posed for this painting is a Maryland State VVA member.)

Original painting By:  Lee Teter
(copyright 1988. All rights reserved)

A message from the author:

I spent my late teens and early twenties in the era of the Vietnam War, becoming, but not realizing I was,  a Vietnam vet!  I didn't learn until recently, that those of us who waited, worried, prayed and supported, were also veterans of this action.  My thanks for this revelation go out to Dan Mouer, the author of an essay called "What is a Vietnam Veteran" .  Had he not written, nor I read, this powerful essay, I would still today be wandering through my own personal maze, trying to see how I fit into my own history.  I cannot repay him for the peace he has given me, and I am sure, has given to hundreds.

To read this essay, and numerous other wonderful works please visit the website
What is a Vietnam Veteran? (  and use the "back" icon once read.  My hope in writing "I Came To Heal" was to help those vets who feel that the Wall has some hopeless or sinister purpose.  It does is there to bring you closure.  And it has a soul!


You Are Loved !!!


I want to thank you --[you know who you are because I have told you that you inspired me] -- for telling me your story about your dreams -- it is what lead me back to my own heart so that I could write this. These feelings were all tied up and buried for all these years. I could not figure out how to express this, until you told me about how you felt about visiting the wall; and how your "night-time visitors" also felt. I knew I had to give you, and them, a reason to go. I hope you will someday. Thanks Brother.......

"Poor is the nation that has no heros...

Shameful is the one that having them... forgets"


There is always someone

other than ourselves

who can feel the

healing of "The Wall"...

The "Moving Wall" Schedule - Check for your town!

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