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Award winning sites will be listed on this page.

This award is not given out lightly.  Much consideration is
given to the type of site, and the sort of feeling it leaves behind.

The award will be given by our committee, or may be nominated
by a third party.
 There are 3 people who must agree unanimously
on the site's addition to this award list before it can be issued to
(**the committee consists of 2 combat veterans and 1 era
member) The basic criterion are listed below:

  • The site must focus on the POW/MIA issue. (any war)  

  • There must be an apparent heartfelt commitment to bringing them home!

  • The site must be one which we feel will  make people take action

  • OR:  The site must show and extraodinary dedication to veterans and
    their needs

  • If the web page author takes credit for graphic or other work that is not
    his/her own, they will not receive this award.  Any artwork, poetry or other artistic work that is not the original product of the web page creator must be credited to the source where they found it.  This is not negotiable.

You may NOT use this graphic on
your site unless it has been awarded
to you.  If it is awarded, we will send
it to you directly, with any instructions
you may need.

If You wish to submit a site for the Warrior's Heart Award, please email us at:

Award Winning Sites To Date:
( if a site is not listed here, it has not been
issued the award and should not be displaying it!)

*NOTE:  I am saddened to find how many of these sites no longer exist, or seem not to.  I hope that they have only moved, but some may have been deleted by their creators.  However, I will leave their site names listed here, because they did earn the award while they existed....fair is fair.

Liberty and Justice for All-POW/MIA Page

Dave Murrays POW/MIA Fight

Spirit Duv's Home Page   moved or gone

Joanna's Web Sites

A Tribute To Vietnam Vets and POW/MIA's

Vietnam Vets M/C  USA - POW page    moved or gone

Canadian POW/MIA Information centre   moved or gone

Freedom Flight!  

Reflections   moved or gone

Amtracks Home Page  moved or gone

Dad's Page ~ Where Is He Now?  moved or gone

We Will Always Remember  moved or gone

Ringmaster "Jen"s  Pages - Beginning with Her Uncle  moved or gone

The Vet's LZ   moved or gone

The Meadow Years ~ Gunny Fallon,  of "Operation Just Cause"

The POW/MIA Forum

Symbol Of Victory Page   moved or gone

Burts Place

Jodi's POW/MIA Main Page   moved or gone

Gunnys Cubbyhole   moved or gone

The Patriot's Inn   moved or gone

MOSCOW BOUND - LCDR James Kelly Patterson 

POW/MIA Honor Page   moved or gone

Welcome Home  moved or gone

Sandy's Military and POW/MIA Site   moved or gone

Pam's Tribute to Nevada's POW/MIAs  "The Nevada Ten"  ??

Angels POW/MIA Pages   ??

Veterans Voice of Austin, POW/MIA Pages    ??

DragonClan's POW/MIA Tribute  moved or gone

"Voices", The Spirit of The American Soldier  moved or gone

Deer Creek Productions   moved or gone

Greg's Page by Sheena

The National Alliance of Families for the Return of America's Missing  Servicemen

Operation Alpha - POW/MIA Page  moved or gone

Tarlander's POW/MIA Page

The Alabama 40!  Clay's Dedication to those Who Wait  moved or gone

VFW Post 9486, POW Page  moved or gone

Mickey's POW/MIA and Veterans Page

POW/MIA And Veterans/Larry's Lounge

VVA Chapter 308 POW/MIA Page

Veterans For a Change (Done by High School Students!)

Nikki's POW/MIA Vigil  ( An 11 year old that puts us all to shame!)

Jules' Patriotic Pages

The Camel Stop - Georgia's POW/MIA's

Dedicated to James R. Thomas, USAF  moved or gone

What I Can Do -- I Will!

Military Women's Page  moved or gone

Tampa Bay, Salute to Vietnam Veterans

Lest You Forget!

James Thomas,  POW or MIA?


My American Heroes

Michaels Place

366th SPS K-9...Honoring the War Dogs Who were Heros too!

My Adopted Soldiers  and  Bring the soldiers back home

** Strike Force Freedom Cry - This site has been removed from our award list.  We have found that the main person involved in this "organization" has done some shady things that may involved collecting money from people via the website, and then not using it for the purposes alleged. This also involved an event that was alleged to have been all planned out and was to be a huge walk to the Wall, but one person who actually did get duped and showed up for it, found himself in the middle of a scam.  Or at best, in the middle of a situation that took advantage of Veterans.  For information you may contact Richard Campos aka We will not allow the others who have won this award legitimately to be placed in the same catagory as this person!  If anyone can prove that this is an error, contact me at  Until then this site is not a recipient of this award, THEY HAVE BEEN INSTRUCTED TO REMOVE IT FROM THEIR SITE, and if they are continuing to display it they are doing so with full knowledge that we have recinded it and they no longer are considered by us to be in the same company as the others on this list!  We are saddened to have had to do such a thing.

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